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Upgrade your shop signage

We also provide, full scale shop front and business premise signage. 

This can range from small A-Frame signs, to entire shop front and window signage.

 Servicing North Brisbane too South Gold Coast for Print and Installation services. 

Our Process

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Our process
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5,000+ Wraps

Our team of experienced installers have done it all!
With more than 5000 jobs under our belt, there is nothing we cannot handle.


At Alpha Wraps, we are with our clients for the long haul. We offer maintenance on all previous completed wraps that pertain to our terms and conditions.


Alpha Wraps is proud to offer a 14-month manufacturer's warranty on almost all products and services.

UV protection

One of the main benefits of wrapping a vehicle is for UV Protection. Eliminating sun is crucial for maintaining the longevity of the original paint and keeping it looking immaculate.

If you plan on reselling your vehicle down the track, a vinyl wrap is an excellent option to ensure your paint remains pristine.

Paint protection

We offer a full range of Paint Protection Films (PPF). These are perfect for anyone who loves the look of their vehicle and wants to keep it looking immaculate for as long as possible.

PPF keeps your vehicle safe from the elements and helps to minimise the effect of any small abrasions that may be caused by the road.


Years of experience

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Alternatively, you can fill in this form, or even stop by our shop during business hours. We are located at Shop 31, 27 Motorway Circuit, Ormeau.

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